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My training program focuses on the individuality of the horse and their rider. The integrity of the horse is top priority, along with the education of the rider. What is the rider trying to accomplish with the horse, short term and long term. This can only be achieved through correct foundation work, there are no short cuts. The horse should enjoy work and so should the rider.


My lesson program focuses on the education of the rider as an individual. The road to developing as a progressive rider varies from student to student, no two are alike. Correct foundation work from the ground up along with proper horsemanship are key when addressing individual goals. It's not just get on and go. If you want to view riding as a sport, you must treat it like one.


My passion lies with the delicate retraining of Off Track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs). Known for their intelligence and athleticism, but often mislabeled as hot and dangerous, when rehabilitated with care are amazing sport horses. I was drawn to the challenges of combined training and truly enjoy all of the hard work and education that it entails. I volunteer along with my students at several events per year, and participate in continuing education through our local GMOs. My favorite volunteer jobs are scribing for dressage and xc jump judging. I am an active member of NODA, USEA, USDF, and Buckeye Horse Park.
~Look for our vibrantly yellow, gargantuan Dodge truck at local events! We love to meet new people, so stop by and say hi.


I have been riding with Val for going on 4 years now, and I wouldn't want to be riding anywhere else. When she teaches, she is walking around the arena with you- not just sitting in a folding chair in the corner yelling what to do. She teaches you to be an independent rider and capable of doing everything that you would ever need to by yourself. She wants you to have fun, as well as succeed without the extreme pressures and costs that other barns may implement on their riders. In regards to the other riders at the barn, they are like my second family. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive no matter if it is at a show or you just happen to see each other in between lessons. I absolutely love it at Sunrise, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking lessons!

Val Jones is happy to help riders of all ages and levels. She has a unique ability to use simple exercises that help get the most out of your riding sessions. She also has an exceptional talent of zoning in on any foundation issues to help to improve your connection with your horse. I have found increased confidence and better communication that continues long after my lesson is over. Be prepared for an intense yet incredibly positive riding experience!

I began working with Val about 4 years ago when she started training Geisha my 3 year old 7/8 Arabian Palomino Filly. I've had horses for years and have always been a trail rider but, have learned so much from Val. Because my plan for Geisha was primarily trail, Val included trail rides in her training plan. Geisha is turning out to be an all around awesome horse. I've continued working with Val at my home on arena work as well as casual and fun trail rides. Val is an extremely patient trainer and outstanding instructor. She runs a professional school and is very passionate about her work and her students. She plans various fun shows and training events at Sunrise Farm and coaches her students at offsite shows and events. The atmosphere with the Sunrise Team is safe, pleasant and friendly. . I highly recommend Val Jones and Sunrise Farm.

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Updated 10/1/2017